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I am hooked on God's magnificent palette.

Drawing from the grandeur of my environment, I strive to portray the ephemeral moods of these mountain landscapes in watercolor and/or acrylic.  Applied with a traditional paintbrush or more exacting airbrush, my aim is to lure the observer into seeing the endless magic of color in our world.  After a number of extensive trips through the southwest, I have added the hot, sometimes harsh images of the desert to my portfolio.

These paintings are an effort to scratch the itch of my personal muse.  Whether the result be festering sore or blessed relief, it's my itch and I like to scratch.  My primary interest has always been color.  I want my paintings to do the talking for me and I prefer they not whisper.  I hope the viewer finds a multifaceted and vivid vocabulary is evidenced in these works.

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Artist Showing:

December 2004

Morning Thunder Cafe
557 Lawrence Street
Quincy, Ca 95971
To:557 Lawrence Steeet
Quincy, CA 95971
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